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How often should I get a boiler service? 

You’ve just installed your brand new boiler. A sparkling installation from start to finish, hassle-free and everything is going according to plan. You sit back content, knowing you don’t have to think about your boiler for another 10 years – you’ve made it. If only it was this simple. 

The fact is, boilers need regular attention. They play a major role in your home: the power station for both your central heating and hot water. Such an important feature needs checking in on from time to time. If you don’t, you risk spending considerable amounts of money much further down the line.

Boilers are like cars. We depend on them a lot, but the majority of people don’t have the faintest clue what goes on under the bonnet. This is why boilers need to be checked-up on by experts, who know what they’re doing. We advise all boilers to be serviced once a year by Gas Safe registered engineers. You may be thinking: ‘what’s the point?’ Well, there are plenty of reasons why, but we’ve decided to whittle them down to three – which hopefully should have some backing as we are experts in executing a boiler service Bournemouth.

Boiler Safety

As with all things, safety is paramount. Your boiler may be tucked away, out of sight. But when things start to go wrong, you’ll definitely know something isn’t right. There are a number of things that can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t have regular check-ups, like: 

Gas leaks are rare, but things like corrosion, poor installations, wear and tear or electrical issues, can all lead to the dreaded gas leak; running the risk of explosions and potential carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Your boiler usually contains water up to 70ºC. Any leaks or bursts can cause serious damage to both your home or people nearby. We don’t like to scare people – and more often than not these things rarely happen – but boilers need check-ups to rule out the smallest potential risks. 

We recommend all boiler services check all electrical appliances associated with the boiler. If there’s an electrical issue, sparks may occur and as we know, sparks and gas are a no-go zone.

Nothing stays brand new forever. Boilers will gradually become far less efficient and effective overtime – but if you don’t check, you’ll never know. An annual check-up ensures your boiler is working to its optimal capacity; not costing you serious amounts of money.

The average boiler warranty lasts up to 10 years. This is usually an agreement between the homeowner and the boiler installers, that if anything is go wrong in this time, they’ll send out a boiler engineer to fix or replace the problem. It’s a great deal, as long as you do one thing: get an annual boiler service. If you choose not to, then you risk breaking the terms of the agreement and losing out on your warranty.

It’s worth mentioning that electric boilers don’t require the same level of care, but you should still get yours serviced every once in a while. 

Good times to get your Bournemouth boiler service

Carrying out boiler servicing Bournemouth it is a quiet task during the summer months. So, we’ll let you in on a little secret as to why it’s the best time to get your boiler serviced.

  1. Installers and boiler engineers have more available slots in their diaries during summer. Hot weather and boilers simply don’t go, which means engineers have far more spare time.
  1. Getting your boiler serviced in the summer also means you can go into winter full of confidence, knowing your boiler isn’t about to breakdown at any moment. 

If this has inspired you to get your boiler serviced, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. As the number one heating engineer in Poole and Bournemouth, we can be round in a flash to undertake a full Poole boiler service for you – excuse the rhyme 😉!