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We always suggest an annual boiler service for the customer’s peace of mind. But it’s more than this; it can also prolong the life of your boiler. We installed a boiler in a house in Poole, BH15 two years ago. At the time, we suggested that they do a boiler service for their Viessmann boiler every year, to get the most out of their boiler and save them money in the long run. Last week we carried out their second annual service. 

When we got to the location, we checked for general leaks and damages – there were none. We then checked the controls and pipework and removed the case to check the main heat exchange. Our next step is to check the flues. Here, there was a little more build-up than we expected. We gave this a chemical clean to make sure that all is running smoothly. It was lucky that the customer got this service when they did as more build-up like this may have lead to a repair, or even an installation in a couple of years time. 


The whole process took under an hour. We booked them in for their next service in a years time. 


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