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Customer Story – Boiler repair in Rossmore, BH12

Last week, I received a call from a customer Rossmore, BH12 – not knowing what the issue was with their boiler and wondering if I could come and fix it. He told me on the phone that they were experiencing banging and whistling noises from their boiler. I asked if it sounded like a kettle and after he said yes, I informed him that this was kettling. This can often mean that a new boiler is needed, but their boiler was fairly new, so I assured them that a repair will sort out their problem. 


I booked them in for a boiler repair the next day. When I got there I took a look at their boiler, I knew that the problem was due to a limescale buildup. I took apart the boiler components and cleaned all the necessary parts. 


They were happy with the repair and I filled them in on the necessities of getting a regular boiler service to prevent these minor issues from happening. The build-up of limescale or sludge, if not noticed, can completely break the boiler. Then, a boiler installation would have to be done. Luckily, the customer caught the problem early and we were able to get their boiler back on track.

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