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Customer Story - BH4 Boiler installation & Service

bournemouth boiler installation
At Senior Plumbing and Heating, I love building relationships with our clients. This is an example of a regular customer seeing great results with their boiler for years. 4 years ago, we installed their boiler in their home in Bournemouth, BH4. It was after they had been dealing with the problems that come with having an old, run-down boiler that was not looked after; their hot water ran out quickly and their water pressure was getting worse. After our installation, I informed them about the benefits of having an annual boiler service.    We have recently done our 3rd service on this couple’s boiler. After removing its parts, we inspected and cleaned them to ensure that all aspects of the boiler were working properly. When inspecting the flues, we found some small build-up. If this was not found during this service, it would have gradually gotten worse and worse and may have lead to boiler problems. This would have then resulted in a boiler repair – costing them more money than necessary. Luckily, we unblocked the flue so it was working as good as when we fitted it 4 years ago! After the service, we agreed to see them next year, for their next service.