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Case Study: Boiler Service in Dorset


Last week, a homeowner in Poole contacted me for his annual boiler service. I asked if there were any problems he had experienced that I should be privy to. He mentioned that it was taking much longer than usual to get hot water and after running a test, some radiators were not warming up a room sufficiently.  I assured him that I would be at his property within the hour to conduct the service and attend to any faults. 

I got to the client’s home in 45 minutes despite some light traffic. I started by running the boiler to pinpoint any issues and the first thing that struck me was the noise being produced. It was not very loud and might have even gone unnoticed but it was an indicator of a common problem for boilers.



 I also opened up the boiler to check the fan air pressure and the gas pressure. The fan air pressure was quite low and this might have been the cause of the sub-optimal operation. I looked closely at the spark electrodes and realized they had oxidized thus cleaning them would not help much. The best option would be a replacement. When I looked at the heat exchanger, I noticed there was limescale buildup which is why the fan air pressure had dropped significantly. Boiler repairs in Dorset often entail sludge or limescale removal due to the hard water in the area. I connected the boiler to a power flush machine which helped clear the limescale from the primary heat exchanger. The limescale in the plate heat exchanger was cleared using a chemical cleaning solution. After 3 hours, the entire process was complete and we fired up the boiler for a test. Not only had the “kettling” subsided, but adequate heat was coming from all the radiators in the property.

Boiler Service central heating service gas engineering Power flush

Tackling Sludge and Sedimentation Build Up in Boilers

Tackle Sludge and Sedimentation Build Up in Boilers with Magna Cleanse in Bournemouth

magna cleanse diagramHas your boiler been acting up lately? Do you find cold spots in your radiator or hear banging noises? If so, chances are that your boiler has sedimentation or sludge build-up that is affecting its ability to heat your home.

Now, you might instantly think that the best solution to get rid of this issue is to replace your old boiler and get a new boiler installation. If your boiler is old and hence it is acting up like this, you should certainly consider replacing the boiler. However, if your boiler is relatively new, you don’t need to replace it. Instead, you can most likely fix it through a getting your boiler Magna Cleansed.

Firstly, what is Magna Cleanse and what are the exact signs you need Magna Cleanse?


What is Magna Cleanse?

During Magna Cleanse, chemically treated water is pumped through the pipes and radiators using a purpose-built machine. This chemical-treated water is meant to break down the sludge and sediment deposits in your boiler and radiators.  This process is referred to as a power flush.

This process is quite effective in removing dirt and sludge built up. An average Magna Cleanse treatment costs about ₤300-₤950. The costs also depend on the number of radiators you have in your home. At Senior Plumbing and Heating you can find our prices here, but if you are short on time we do a power flush at around £45 per radiator.

Signs that Indicate you Need Magna Cleanse

  • Reduced heat transfer from the radiators
  • Sludge and sediment build up at the bottom of radiators resulting in cold spots that tend to get bigger over time.
  • Noticeably discoloured water during bleeding of radiators.
  • Radiator pipes are always hot whether the system stays warm or cool.
  • To heat the home, your boiler is working extra hard
  • Banging or knocking noise coming from your boilers, radiators, or pipes
  • Whistling of the boiler due to overheating parts
  • If you have a combi boiler, sludge or sediment build-up can result in warm water in the taps.

Consequences of ignoring the problem

If you neglect this sludge or sediment build-up, it can cause further problems in your system.

  • It will be expensive to run and maintain the boiler and radiator system.
  • The system will struggle to heat the home
  • ‘Wet’ parts of the boiler might get damaged by the loose debris
  • Due to heat exchanger blocks, the water will be warm instead of hot from your combi boiler
  • If your system is corroded, it might cause a leak
  • You might require a complete replacement of radiators and pipework.
  • Moreover, you may also need to replace your boiler and get a new boiler installation for your home. And this can be a hefty investment you might not be willing to make.

Alternative Options to Magna Cleanse

Magna Cleanse is certainly the best way to clean the sludge and sedimentation build-up in your boiler, radiators, and pipes. But the costs of Magna Cleanse might deter you from opting for this treatment.

If you don’t want to use Magna Cleanse as the treatment process, you can also go for a chemical cleanse or magnetic filter.

  • Chemical cleanse includes putting a chemical in the boiler or radiator and leaving it for a few hours or days. This removes any mild sludge or sediment build-up in the boiler. The remains can be washed out by putting water through the system. You can do such cleanse regularly to avoid excessive build-up.
  • A magnetic filter is also a great option to tackle loose or mild debris in the radiator. This is something we often insist on installing when completing a customer annual boiler service.

Yes, these two alternatives are cheap but are not as effective as Magna Cleanse in the long term. Though it is costly, it will help you keep your boiler or radiator clean and working efficiently.

Tips to Book a Professional Magna Cleanse Services

  • Most machine manufacturers give a certificate to the engineer. Make sure you ask to see that.
  • Choose a Magna Cleanse engineer that has received training from the machine manufacturer company. This will ensure high-quality services.

If you have been looking for effective Magna Cleanse service in Poole or Bournemouth, you can get in touch with Senior Plumbing and heating. We provide Magna Cleanse services but also provide a wide range of boiler, gas and heating services.

We provide Magna Cleanse services during the installation process along with any time you need to tackle the sludge build-up in your boiler and radiator.

Contact us today to find out more!

Boiler Service Power flush

Customer story, Power Flush and Boiler Service

Customer story, Power Flush and Boiler Service

boiler service poole
power flush poole
power flush poole
power flush poole

These photos show the work I did for a customer in Sterte, BH15. They called me up wanting a power flush and boiler service. They were experiencing some issues with their radiator temperature. Their boiler installation was carried out by me about 3 years ago, so they contacted me again to help them out.

When describing their problem on the phone, I told them that a power flush is an excellent way to clear out the system and ensure that your central heating system is working effectively. We booked their service for the next day. 

When we arrived at the property, we got started on the boiler service. We took apart the casing of the boiler elements and inspected them. We cleaned the necessary parts and checked for any leakage – there were none. All the boiler parts seemed to be working well when we checked them for wear and tear. We then inspected the pipes for the power lush, there was a lot of build-up of sludge and so I knew that this was where their radiator issue was coming from. We did the power flush using Adey MC1 Central Heating System Protector. The sludge was removed so that their radiators were due to work perfectly again. The boiler service we provided gives them peace of mind knowing that there are no small issues with their boiler, and doing this regularly will guarantee to lengthen their boiler’s life