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Case Study: Boiler Service BH8, Oxford Road

Last week, we had a customer from the BH8 area reach out to us requesting her annual boiler service after realizing her water was taking longer to heat up.

I drove to Oxford Road and arrived within the hour to conduct the service. The boiler was a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 40 CDi, and I started by running it to identify any flaws. Indeed, the water was taking longer to heat up, and some rooms were not receiving enough heat. I also bled the radiators and realized the water had a slightly brownish hue which indicated limescale build-up in the tubes. The filters had also corroded which can be attributed to the low water alkalinity in Bournemouth.  

To clear out the limescale, I prepared a power flush which broke down the limescale deposits and cleared the corrosion. 

I also added a water softener component to her boiler, which would prevent the limescale buildup from happening again. The process took about four hours and we bled the radiators a second time. This time the water did not appear discoloured, and we were sure that the limescale was completely gone.

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