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Boilers can be frustrating and temperamental if they are not given the TLC which is often required. Getting your boiler serviced and seen by the right engineer can be crucial to preventing your boiler from backfiring (which is a costly problem to be faced with).

At Senior Plumbing and Heating, we understand the ins and outs of boilers like the back of our hand. This is why we have such a loyal client base, for our Boiler service in sunny Poole. By getting a regular boiler service from us, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands and that you won’t be faced with any unexpected breakdowns. 

We cover all regions throughout Poole. Whether you are right on the beach, or further inland, we will get to you within a few hours. 

£85 +VAT for a full service


Boiler Kettling (banging and whistling)


Display Panel Errors


Issues with the Pipework and Water Leakage


Lack Of Hot Water In the Household


Boiler Ignition Issues

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General Service & Maintenance Contracts


Faulty Valves, Burners and Pumps


Broken Thermostat Controls

Why use us for your boiler service in Poole?

Getting a boiler service can require many different elements. Most importantly, you want a highly trained expert who has been in the game for a while, you will also need a steady hand and the perfect set of tools. This is part of the reason that a lot of companies will resent the idea of heading for Boiler servicing, but Senior Plumbing and Heating’s three generations of keeping residents within the Poole area warm has meant that we relish the opportunity to head out to help our clients. This is because we have grasped the concept that we are no doubt saving them huge amounts of money and agony from preventing a boiler breakdown.

  • We have been in the industry for over three generations, with boilers and heating being our bread and butter.
  • Being a small company, we can cater for a variety of needs and complications that come with working with a range of customers. So we put a priority on making sure you feel like you’re in complete control. For example, you may live an unpredictable life, which means that we have to be flexible with when we carry out your Poole boiler service. This will mean that we should ring ahead and find the best possible time to drop by.
  • We are capable of providing a full 360 boiler service. So you will only require one contact when it comes to boilers and heating. We carry out Boiler installations, repairs and servicing – and we love every minute of it! So no matter the time of day or year, we are happy to come over on your beck and call. 
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What our boiler servicing involves....

Carrying out a diagnosis and discussion for your boiler service should not be complicated, slow or hard for you to understand exactly why you need one. Ultimately, if that is the case it can lead to an unhappy customer because you feel like you are being kept in the dark for a reason, and the process is being dragged out at your expense. Instead, we make sure that we speak in plain English, the process is efficient and that any ongoing service is as transparent as can be.

What gets done:

  • Remove and inspect components 
  • Clean the necessary and main components to make sure they are fit for purpose and have no noticeable defects
  • Make sure the gas pressure and flow is correct 
  • Make sure that all the electrical connections are clean
  • Make sure the boiler casing is sufficiently sealed (we check to make sure this is the case)
  • By using a fuel gas analyser we check the burner is burning efficiently 
  • Check water and gas pipework

We also make sure you have a MagnaClean installed (seen below), which should typically come with your boiler when it is fitted. However, that is not always the case with other boiler engineers which is why we carry them around with us. This MagnClean is a magnet which collects rusty particles within the boiler to stop it blocking up. They come at an additional cost of £140 but it is worth every penny because it allows you to be fully covered on your warranty and saves you huge amounts of repair costs in the future. 


Whether it’s heating, Gas or Boilers we’re here to help!


We treat your property with the utmost care ensuring no mess or dirt is left behind.


Our aftercare is as important and as professional as our installation.


Before leaving we will ensure you know how your new system works, handing over full documentation and manufacturer’s instructions.


No callout charge! Fast, reliable emergency callout service. We aim to be with you within the hour.